MikMik goes A2

There we go. We made it. Finally. I don’t mean A2 at all, don’t really care much about that. I mean running. We finally seem to agree what agility is all about. Having fun and running as fast as you can. It was a long long and hard way to get here with MikMik. For her it was always all about doing it right, being perfect, never going wrong way. Steady but slow. To me it was always about running. I feel like on the top of the mountain now. It was so hard but does it feel good now! There were days when I broke down and almost gave up on you. I am so sorry. I will never give up on you, I promise. You do make me think, my girl, you puzzle me, but getting to know you better and better just brings us closer, I guess the bond we have is pretty special. There were days when I thought we would never overcome those jumping problems, motivational issues and your perplexed pretty mind.

On her only 4th competition MikMik passed her last exam for A2, exactly in her style – not setting a foot wrong, with the deepest contacts, running her best, with perfect see-saw and weaves (her favourite obstacles, funny little dog), and absolutely focused on her task.

Roo was quite the opposite though, I guess he will need quite some time to generalize and transfer the obstacle focus, independance and understanding he has on training to competitions. So far the only thing he has transeferred to competitions is speed, so now imagine a crazy fast dog with no independance, no focus and no understanding with a slow handler on the course and you get the picture :D I actually did include some of Roo in the video, but very short clips as I didn’t manage to get a longer version of decent running for a longer sequence than 4 or 5 obstacles, quite a disaster, but his time will sure come someday <3 I love that boy, he is pure joy and always so happy happy happy. And if MikMik is a bit too serious for my taste, he sure makes things very unimportant, maybe he took the idea of having fun on agility just too seriously :D

Ben was in his style this time, it seemed like he has never done agility before, probably went off course like 10 times on one single course, and if there was such an award, he’d probably be awarded as “number 1 in diversity of bloopers”. However I did not dare to include his videos this time, I think he deserves his own video of bloopers for those who need a good laugh. 12507157_1494946770814062_4261404315983832544_n

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